Welcome to the Irish Radiation Research Society

The Irish Radiation Research Society (IRRS) is an all Ireland nonprofit organisation for researchers in the field of ionising and non ionising radiation. The IRRS aims to promote and advance learning and education in the field of radiation protection and radiation research throughout the island of Ireland.

The socety is affliated to both the International Association for Radiation Research (IARR) and to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA). The membership of IRRS is drawn from accademic institutions, health research groups and statutory agencies from throughout Ireland.


Affiliated Societies

The IRRS is an associated society of the International Radiation Protection Association. Members of the IRRS represent Ireland through the IRPA for the advancement of radiation protection.
The IRRS is also affiliated to the International Association for Radiation Research, an independent organization of international societies for radiation research, which organizes the International Congress for Radiation Research.


This years annual meeting took place on November 11-12th and was hosted, for the first time,by Trinity College Dublin.  This meeting is an opportunity to meet, share ideas and continue to contribute to our field. It is an opportunity for IRRS members to give an update on on-going research activities as well as enabling young researchers to present their exciting work and engage with the Society. Professor Don Jones from the Dept of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine, University of Leicester was this years invited speaker. In his keynote lecture Prof Jones critically examined some of the common methods for assessing DNA damage highlighting their benefits, limitations and common pitfalls or misconceptions.

This years student prizes were awarded to Shannon O'Neill from Queen's University Belfast and Niall Murphy from University College Dublin.


The conference programme may be downloaded from the following link.


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